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Diagnosis, Prevention and Surgical Treatment

Spine Care

  • Less Invasive Spinal Fusion
  • Less Invasive Spinal Decompression
  • Myelopathy
  • Radiculopathy
  • Stenosis

Spine Care

Prior to starting any type of treatment, it is always advisable to first see an appropriately trained spine specialist to develop a treatment program for your specific condition and medical history.

- Clinical Exam Assessment & Diagnose
- Comprehensive NonOperative Care Options
- Effective Contemporary Less Invasive Surgical Interventions
- Highly effective Patient Outcomes Documented

Neck Pain

Arm, Shoulder, or Neck Pain

Arm, shoulder, or neck pain can be extremely debilitating and is one of the most common reasons why people visit our practice. When someone suffers from neck pain, they are often worried that something major could be wrong with their neck, back, or spine. It is understandable that these symptoms are worrisome and require the attention of a trained medical professional. Because there are so many potential causes of neck pain, it is important to see a neck specialist to figure out why and how the neck pain has developed. This will be an important step in making sure that the right treatment plan is developed. Depending on the exact cause of the neck pain, the treatment plan could vary.

Herniated Disc

In between each individual vertebra composing your spine are jelly-like pads of gelatinous tissue called spinal discs. The purpose of a spinal disc is to protect vertebrae from scraping against each other and facilitate movement of the spine. If your spine were made only of bony vertebrae, you could not bend, twist or perform other spine-associated movements without suffering severe pain and bone erosion.

Back Pain

We are really fortunate to have a surgeon like Dr. Dekutoski in our area! He and his team are the absolute best at what they do. If you need spine surgery make sure to consider Dr. Dekutoski ...You will be impressed.


Love Dr Wingo and staff!! They helped my mom last year with surgery that gave her her mobility back and today he put my mind at ease after reviewing my MRI. Would recommend Spine Institute to anyone with back issues.


Mark Dekutoski, MD, FAAOS

Dr. Mark Dekutoski is an ACGME Spine fellowship trained, ABOS Board certified physician with over two decades of teaching Spine Surgery to Orthopedic, Neurosurgery trainees and practicing Surgeons. His quest for patient centered care and continuous outcome improvement has driven him to be a lifelong student, innovator, developer and mentor for less invasive spine techniques. He has held numerous national and international roles in spine education societies and while practicing, faculty and Professor at Mayo Clinic, Rochester from 1993-2013.

Charles Wingo, MD

Dr. Charles Wingo is board certified in orthopedic spine surgery. After working 25 years in Tallahassee FL, he came here to the Emerald Coast. He specializes in the evaluation and management of all spinal problems with an intent to locate the specific pain generator. Dr. Wingo also has a special interest in motion preservation spine surgery and interventional pain procedures.