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If you're suffering from chronic pain in your back, neck, buttock, hip, arm or leg, you're probably researching every possible option for pain management.

Here at Coastal Neurosurgery & Spine, our team works in concert to provide modern care in a shared effort. This is what is known as the COASTAL experience; a newer approach to the Florida panhandle that increases the provider's collaboration and ability to provide a personalized treatment plan for each and every patient. Which becomes true integration.

A real-life example of a patient experience in a traditional setting:

A real-life example of a patient experience in a traditional setting:

Typically when one goes to see a provider and is referred out for back pain the referring doctor will send notes over to the spine doctor. The spine doctor will diagnose you, the patient, and lay out a treatment plan. The average patient will receive injections to mask the pain and then move on to surgery once the pain becomes too much to bear. When a patient is referred to a pain doctor, they are treated through medication management, utilizing pain medication and or injections that will only mask the pain. It is possible that these two specialties will refer to one another. Possibly the patient may even end up in physical therapy to help continue movement, relieve the pain through therapy, and mobility. In this circle of treatment, a patient is bounced around from service to service. This creates downtime in scheduling between each visit also making the patient visit multiple offices. Which can result in non subsiding pain, delay of outcome and results. In addition, the patients’ medical transfer of information, where valuable data has been collected, and a plan written up, is now left to various providers to translate and decipher. Coupled with their own medical diagnosis that they reach through reading the patients notes, numbers, and descriptions. Patient goes to primary Dr or Pain Dr who then refers to Spine Dr, who refers back to Physical Therapy, back to Pain, or gets surgery.

Now imagine our integrated approach, The Coastal Experience:

Picture your treatment being led by a surgeon who’s plan for you isn’t centered around surgery first, but treatment first. With the experience each of our providers bring to the table, they are able to determine if the last, and only, effective way to treat your problem is through surgery; or if there are more avenues that we can exhaust in house. For example, moving the patient to injections that clear up the pain for extended periods of time, may be more effective than surgery. Or, sitting down with our PM&R physician to examine an alternate plan of care first, may be the last path the patient has to take to a pain free life. Each therapy option could include our brand new, 1000 sq ft, in house, physical therapy unit. Picture going through treatment with our physical therapist and they notice an issue with the your mobility or where the root of the pain is defined. Instead of the traditional method of writing a note and referring you out to schedule an appointment with another provider, at another clinic. The therapist can grab one of the Surgeons and/or PM&R Dr to look at the discovery this is where collaboration happens in real time. We have avoided without the waiting room for another visit and scheduling wait times. It also comes without the problem of the provider being able to properly describe the diagnosis and make sure the patient needs are correctly translated. It happens in the right then, in the “now”, not the later. This type of collaboration helps to fast forward a patient’s treatment. Offering a better outcome since more of a collaboration is occurring much faster and with Drs that are working side by side daily. Our high end results are the outcomes to the highest level of integration which we call "The Coastal Experience:. Take back and own the quality of life now. Schedule an appointment right away. We look forward to helping you.

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